Events need to be more accessible to people with disabilities

Issues surrounding accessibility at events were discussed at EventHuddle recently when The British Polio Fellowship’s marketing communications officer Kripen Dhrona appeared as an expert panellist on hotel and venues accessibility.

   Kripen was able to explain that much more needs to be done to ensure that events are more accessible to all people with disabilities.

“People at managerial level are fully aware of accessibility issues, but the people working on the ground are not so aware,” said Kripen. “As a result, management guidelines can sometimes not be as useful as they should be. Awareness and training of staff at all levels is key."

Also on the panel were leading figures such as Rachel Quick from charity Scope: About Disability, and Simone West, Accessibility Consultant for Atkins Global, who both agreed with Kripen that meetings need to be conducted at the planning stages of events to make sure everyone at all levels of organisations at events are aware of accessibility needs.

The British Polio Fellowship is all too aware of the difficulties disabled people face, with the charity providing support, advocacy and advice to 120,000 people living with the late effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome in the UK. Kripen highlighted the importance of accessibility issues being debated for the very first time, stressing that event managers can’t become complacent in the future.“It’s essential that the bar keeps on rising and that we all continue to strive to promote the best practice in the industry,” he concluded.

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