New platform aims to solve downturn in London venue industry

London based Entrepreneur, Knut Gaskjenn, has launched a campaign to save London's venues from the current economic downturn by matching the increasing number of vacant meeting spaces with Assistants, Meeting Planners and Event Managers who can, at the same time, save their companies over 120 hours* a year by using the free of charge service,, which offers price parity, expert booking advice and virtual show-arounds.

Despite statistics which showcase a rise in online meeting software including Skype, Flock and, a 2016 American Express report has demonstrated strong growth in face-to-face meetings across a wide range of businesses, proving that investment in people is essential for communication across all sectors.

Offering virtual show-arounds, price parity and expert booking advice, Spacily says it is bridging the supply of unused meeting rooms with the demand of mobile professionals. Spacily helps customers in discovering mid to high-end meeting rooms and booking them online without the traditional hassle of making numerous phone calls.

It is a swift, transparent service that can assist businesses in meeting their venue requirements and the free-to-use marketplace also helps venues across London, who have struggled with the increase in virtual meetings, to achieve higher occupancy and reach their full revenue potentials.

According to the 2016 AMEX Meetings & Events Report, high-end and luxury venues have suffered over the last four years, with more competitive prices from other venues, difficulty processing prepayments and a lack of data transparency. Spacily has invested time researching the marketplace, in order to put London back on the meetings map and assist in reducing costs across UK business, by saving an average of 5 hours per booking, and also promises price parity with the venues, users can expect the very best deals available.

Spacily’s Founder, Knut Gaskjenn commented: “The London meetings and venue market has been struggling for a very long time – since the recession. We wanted to come up with a solution that helped venues to grow by unlocking underutilised spaces to combat the changes that are happening as a result of the uptake of virtual meetings.

“At the same time, we wanted to introduce simplicity to a time-consuming selection process for users. Face-to-face meetings matter as they facilitate the development of businesses through better and clearer communication. Meeting rooms are conversation starters, talking points and investing in people has never been more important. A handshake lasts longer in the mind than an email.”

There are currently almost 300 mid to high-end spaces listed on the website and, with over 800 more spaces in its inventory, its portfolio of London venues is growing.