Intellitix European Expansion

Intellitix continues to add new cashless payment professionals and resources, gearing up for European cashless event revolution.

European Intellitix team attended the Company’s Europe 2016 conference in Groningen, NL, January 2016, before attending Eurosonic Noorderslag.

Eric Janssen, Intellitix Chief Revenue Officer, operating from the company’s global head office chaired the three day meeting, with a full day of product overview and software updates imparted by the company’s Chief Product Officer, Barna Jardany. Attending were representatives from the UK, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, with colleagues from Canada and Brazil. 

Adding to Operations Manager Carl AH Martin’s vast experience working across the European live events and venues sectors in the UK are Gavin Barnard, Director of Partnerships (UK Intellitix) and Gareth Deakin, Director of Business Development (UK Intellitix). Gavin’s eight years combined digital and live events experience give him a strong foundation within the sector, while Gareth joins after four years as Head of Business Development at Sony Music Entertainment, with an extensive knowledge of the music industry.

Head Pilot Serge Grimaux comments: “Our conversations with organisers leading into 2016 indicate that we are moving towards a significant increase in European Festivals adopting cashless payment systems. Intellitix repeatedly proved itself in 2015 at many events including Snowbombing in Austria, Garorock, Hellfest and Electrobeach in France, Tomorrowland in Belgium, plus Slottsfjell Festival in Scandinavia among others. We know people have full confidence in our technology and operational experience to support their event becoming cashless.

 “As a significant amount of people will continue to join the Intellitix team in the coming months, most likely doubling our European community by the summer, this meeting allowed us to prepare solid foundations to support our current expansion, setting up processes and standardising our approach.

 “Sharing our considerable experience and knowledge across three days will enable the entire team to guide clients through the logistical and cultural changes and benefits of using an RFID environment. We’re looking forward to introducing the enhanced version of IntelliPay alongside other services we will be rolling out throughout 2016.”

Isabelle Chevallier, Intellitix’s European Head of Business Development, will oversee the European sales. She brings 15 years of experience working within the European music scene, having started her career in music law, she quickly rose through the ranks to General Manager of business affairs and development at SONY Music Entertainment France.