Festyvent, the UK technology firm for the Live Industry, has launched new enhanced app features for music festivals and live events.

First up is SAFE@FESTIVAL, which will allow members of the live audience to alert friends to their exact location if they fall ill or feel vulnerable. The friends contacted will be able to track the sender of the message live for 60 minutes on a google map using either GPS Co-ordinates or the ///what3words identifier.

David Jacobs, founder and CEO of Clarifi Media & (parent company of Festyvent) commented: "We have become increasingly concerned that festival-goers can sometimes get into difficulties and need to alert and communicate their exact location to friends or the festival emergency services as fast and simply as possible. We are convinced that this new feature will help people to feel SAFE@FESTIVAL and enjoy what they came for - the music, the experience and the festival vibe!”

Festyvent’s new SmartMap gives fans an accurate geographical location, better orientation and sense of direction on the festival ground. It achieves this by overlaying a custom drawn map on a map and creating a distinct festival-country space. The map offers customisable pins which can also be associated with a brand or location and open the relevant screen in the app when pressed.

Share your Schedule is another audience experience-enhancing feature. Engagement with the festival increased manifold and take-up was way above expectation. The feature essentially allows people to share their schedules with friends so that they can see the performances or activities that they are attending. Moreover, it allows the festival to create a curated journey through the festival or to invite artists to create their personal tour of the festival.

Festyvent’s Operations Director Olivier Zucker says: “We place the audience’s engagement with the festival at the core of our thinking and are continuously looking how we can improve audience experience and engagement. This is great for the audience and benefits the festival by providing multiple data points on the audience’s preferences and interests”. 

Festyvent’s Permanent MultiApp Architecture offers the possibility to cross-sell events through an App structure; this can be updated dynamically without the need to release a new app for each festival season.

To access the app, once Festivalgoers have purchased their tickets for the relevant Festival they are attending, information is then provided from the Festival Organizer/Promoter detailing how to download the Festival app from Apple store app or Google play.