World Leading Digital Technology at Gloucester Rugby

A groundbreaking partnership between digital infrastructure specialists Landways, digital agency Clock, and Gloucester Rugby is bringing a new generation of digital services to Kingsholm stadium.

Landways is a specialist in the design, build, financing and operation of next generation integrated digital infrastructure for high density in-building environments, including sports stadiums. Backed by Columbia Capital, Landways has significant capital to invest in projects like the one recently completed at Gloucester.

Landways has commissioned a new high capacity WiFi network which provides industry-leading levels of connectivity at Kingsholm Stadium. Based upon a series of technical innovations, the underlying infrastructure within and to the stadium is completely future-proofed and will cope with several generations of data growth, network upgrades and new digital services.

Chris Smedley, Chief Executive of Landways, said: “We have deployed a record quantity of optical fibre throughout the stadium, as well as several unique technical designs, to manage the huge forecast growth in demand for wireless data over the next few years. We will be monitoring the network closely and, as required, working with Gloucester Rugby to install upgrades to ensure that the Wi-Fi system does not run out of capacity and that Kingsholm remains one of the UK’s best-connected sports venues.”

This state-of-the-art capacity will underpin a new generation of digital services to be provided to Gloucester Rugby by digital agency Clock. A new fan experience mobile app will use Clock’s Colooder platform to deliver a variety of experiences including half-time quizzes, games that allow children to interact, play and understand the game of rugby, a range of live audio feeds to enhance what’s going on in the game, pre-ordering of food & drinks, rewards & offers, debates and discussions, live Man of the Match voting, a fans’ gallery of pictures, click & deliver, and exclusive content around players, the game and fans.

The partnership of Clock with Landways is transformational for the UK stadium market. The rich digital experiences Clock is delivering are not possible in most stadiums because wireless connectivity in these high density environments is generally so poor. Landways’ expertise in digital infrastructure provides a fibre-based wireless network enabling multiple audio and video streams to be delivered live, connected screens and access, and connected food, drink and merchandise. As part of the fan experience platform, clubs will be able to offer forward thinking brands many more opportunities than traditional sponsor relationships.

Ben Silcox, Chief Strategy Officer of Clock, said: “We are excited to be bringing to life Gloucester Rugby’s vision for a truly connected stadium and mobile app to make the fan experience easier, richer and more unique than any other rugby club. Landways and Clock are investing heavily in this project as a sign of their commitment and belief that Gloucester Rugby fans will benefit from a world class experience.”

Stephen Vaughan, Gloucester Rugby CEO commented: “We are firmly in a digital world and part of the ‘future proofing’ of the club going forward is to ensure we are at the forefront of technology that allows us to give everybody that visits Kingsholm stadium not only fast connectivity but also gives us the ability to engage our audiences better.   The app will allow visitors to Kingsholm to access high speed Wi-fi and a range of services designed to improve the experience on a match day. We are delighted to be partnering with both Landways and Clock to help provide a more connected environment for our fans.”

Ben Silcox added: “Clock is on a journey to transform from a traditional digital agency selling resource and hours - to a business model for the future. We are investing in our clients up front and earning our profit in line with the client's growth.

   “The future is looking bright for our partnership with Landways. There are too many clubs and venues who provide experiences that are not delivering experiences that people have come to expect in other parts of their lives. With our unique partnership of a connected infrastructure and an end to end connected fan experience, we are well positioned to help rights holders and venues gain commercial growth and a younger fan and customer base.”