SIA investigates event security provider for fake badges

The SIA is investigating event security provider LS Armour Security Ltd of Barry, South Wales following allegations that the company supplied unlicensed operatives using fraudulent (cloned) SIA badges at festivals in the United Kingdom.  The badges displayed a genuine name and licence number but a photograph of the unlicensed bearer.

"We are aware that LS Armour Security Ltd have contracted to supply SIA licensed staff and stewards to events and festivals throughout July and August, mostly as a sub-contractor or labour provider," says Peter Selwyn-Smith, SIA Stakeholder Manager.  "We understand that LS Armour Security Ltd have been deploying correctly licensed staff alongside the cloned badges, so events or festival organisers should not necessarily assume that an existing contract with the South Wales company will fail to deliver licensed staff. The SIA will be contacting organisers of events and festivals known to be using LS Armour Security Ltd and will work with them and to ensure that operatives are correctly licensed.

The SIA have introduced a bespoke email contact address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to hear from organisers or companies contracted with LS Armour Security Ltd to provide licensable activity. This includes both historic and future contracts. Please provide the date and details of the event, the names and licence numbers of any staff allocated to your event and your name and contact details. The SIA undertake to respond by telephone or email by the next working day.

The SIA understand that at this time of year event organisers and primary contractors may struggle to recruit sufficient SIA licensed staff and frequently have to resort to extensive sub-contracting. This provides an opportunity to rogue providers that, with appropriate checks by organisers and primary contractors, can be largely mitigated.  If SIA licensed staff arrive on site and are unknown to you, you must take all reasonable steps to ensure the person named on and in possession of the licence are the same person by requiring them to provide further evidence of identity. This will mitigate the risk of the cloned licence. This check can be supplemented by entering the person’s name and licence number into the SIA register of licence holders at

LS Armour Security Ltd were unavailable for comment at the time of writing.