Drones and the events industry

The IOSH Sports Grounds and Events Group is organising a topical event entitled ‘Drones – the facts...’, at Twickenham Stadium on 3rd May, providing an overview of the use of drones at events, as well as cover current legislation and mitigation measures.

The main focus is to inform people about the increasing use of drones in the sporting and events sector.  The group aims to explain the key legislation requirements for those using drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and outline the potential threats from their use at events.

With presentations focusing on the use of drones in different environments, it will provide information on:

  • -  the use of drones in environments such as film and sport

  • -  the Civil Aviation Authority and legal status of drone use

  • -  the HSE’s views on drones

  • -  the threats, risks and mitigations associated with drone use

  • -  the veiwpoint of a drone enthusiast and a safety officer.

    Delegates will also have the opportunity to see a range of drones being operated in a series of practical demonstrations.

    Through the various presentations and demonstrations, delegates will gain a thorough understanding about when drones are allowed, and when they shouldn’t be used.

Wednesday 03 May 2017
Twickenham Stadium, Whitton Road, Twickenham, TW2 7BA

09.30 –16.00