Transforming Power Distribution

In a quest to offer the UK power generation market a contemporary, adaptable and compact range of power distribution units, Power & Pyro has come up with the AllSpark Range.

It will be unveiled at this year’s Showman’s Show, Newbury Showground, on 18th and 19th October.

The new range will feature three hero models- the small and mighty, Bee available up to 32A; the solid and dependable Tron with 63A and 16A options; and finally, the robust and durable Prime, available in three optimal prime configurations including 16A, 32A and 63A single phase, or 32A, 63A and 125A three phase. 

All three power heroes are set to transform and take the market by storm. Offering companies a cost effective, compact, lightweight and reliable power source, all products are engineered and built in the UK.

The AllSpark power distribution boxes are built by engineers for engineers, providing ease of maintenance and ultimate universal protection against the “dark forces”.

Craig Cox, Technical Director, Power & Pyro said: “We are here. We are waiting. We will never stop at one. In our quest to be become the dominant power force we will transform power distribution for the events and TV market, and power manufacturers across the globe.”

Each distribution box will have MCB protection on the incoming supply as standard to prevent overloading and are available with 16A to 125A connections. The models incorporate incoming power present indicators with insulated blade terminals for easy testing, each is fitted with inline fuse holders for extra protection. All terminal cables are fitted with boot lace ferrules as standard which create a better finish and assists with ease of maintenance.

The new products are all IP44 or IP67 rated and the Prime model is also available with power monitoring.

Power & Pyro is an established and well-known brand for supplying top flight power, including power generation, distribution units and lighting equipment to UK events, broadcasting corporations and Blue-Chip manufacturers. Power & Pyro is enhancing its range of core services as part of the company’s commitment to offer contemporary power solutions for its customers.