Team Expansion to Fill Space in London

London venue management service for the meetings and conference industry, Spacily, has expanded on its campaign to "save London's venues from the current economic downturn" by expanding its team of internal advisors.


The move assists in widening the reach of its efforts across London venues, which provides an efficient online management platform that can save over 120 hours a year with the free of charge tool which offers price parity and expert booking advice.

Joining the team is Sales Director Isabelle Pellose,who brings with her experience from across the hospitality industry and international corporations in sales and operations. Isabelle has adapted to the business start-up with a flair for creating operations procedures, business development, project management and has put the concept of working with high profiles venues, strong customer focus, high quality of services and major focus in developing and driving sales at the heart of her work so far.

Isabelle’s vision for developing the company across the market is to bring Spacily into the European and global sphere, simplifying the booking system and offering all the services co-related to the meeting rooms bookings. 

Knut Gaskjenn, Director of commented: “Isabelle brings the knowledge and experience to the team. She has the skills to manage both customers and industry stakeholders to penetrate and grow our presence.”

Alongside Isabelle, is Ryan Shoesmith, who joins the team as a recent graduate from Nottingham Trent university, as Marketing Executive. Ryan brings with him, a keen eye for an angle, always seeking out the next story and eager to become more involved in the grassroots of the industry.

Knut added: “Ryan is the youngest team member but crucial to the venture’s branding and positioning with both our users, venues and other stakeholders. His communication skills have been key in building our content, to keep entertaining for all our stakeholders – making it stand out and create the mid-to-high end brand we wish to provide to our customers and the market.”