The Event Industry Forum is inviting applications for grants for projects that will benefit the events industry.

The Forum, which brings together 26 trade bodies and similar organisations from across the event industry, has funding available to support projects that will be of general benefit to the outdoor sector.


Since taking over publication of The Purple Guide from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) two years ago, the Forum has already provided over £70,000 in grants and support for projects to help the sector.   It has also made a commitment to provide £5000 per annum to support event students attend industry conventions.

The Forum is committed to using funds raised from sales of the Guide to support projects that will have a wide benefit to the events industry.


Grant Guidelines

 Grant applications must be able to demonstrate a purpose that will benefit and support the interests of the outdoor events industry, be it the whole or any part of it.

·      At least 20% of grant funds will be withheld until EIF receives a full report of the completed project.

·      Grant recipients must issue press releases both before and after the project, recognising EIF’s funding support. Press releases must be approved by EIF before being issued.

·      Any publication, report or marketing material produced referring to the project must acknowledge EIF’s funding support.


How to Apply

Applications for grants should be in writing and should include:

·     The title of the project and a short description of it

·     Details of the amount of funding being sought and specifically how it will be used

·     Details of the overall project budget

·     An explanation of how this project will benefit the events industry

·     Timescales for delivery

·     Applications must be supported by a copy of the constitution of the organisation applying plus their charity or company registration (if applicable)

·      Individual applicants must provide appropriate references from the industry if the above do not apply.

·     Contact details for further information


Applications should be kept to a single side of A4 and should be sent to Jim Winship at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




EIF Decision Process

Applications for grants will be considered at a meeting of the EIF Directors twice a year and applicants will be notified of the outcome at least two weeks after each meeting together, where possible, with their reasoning.   Decisions will be based on scores given by the Directors to each application.

 The next Directors meeting will be on 8th December 2019


About the Purple Guide

The Purple Guide was originally published by the HSE in the early 1990s and quickly became established as the main reference source for health, safety and welfare at music and similar events.   The Events Industry Forum took over publication in 2013 with the support of the HSE and published the new version in March 2014. 


The new Guide was compiled in consultation with the industry and enforcement agencies, including the HSE, police and fire services.


The Purple Guide’s 29 Chapters are continually reviewed and updated in line with changes in legislation and best practice. A detailed review has been undertaken this year (2019) and a number of new chapters have been added covering areas such as drones and worker welfare.  The Guide is available online at


About the Forum

 The Events Industry Forum is an informal body which brings together event trade bodies, educational establishments and enforcement agencies twice a year to discuss issues of common interest.   


The Purple Guide is published by EIF Ltd, which was set up solely for the purpose of managing this publication.