Events Industry Seeks Renewable Energy Sources and Ban on Single-Use Plastics


More high-profile events and live venues are seeking renewable energy and banning single-use plastic in a push to tackle global warming and litter pollution.

Across the UK, live events and venues are announcing their plans to provide a greener solution to their events, especially through cutting the use of single-use plastics and renewable energy solutions.

Just a few months after the European Union approved a ban on some single-use plastics, Glastonbury Festival, which takes places on the 26thJune 2019, will prohibit the sale of non-reusable plastics at this years' festival. This will include a ban on single-use plastics backstage, in the production team, in catering, and in the dressing room areas. 

Organisers of Brighton Marathon have also stated they plan to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic at the event. As one of the UK's largest marathons, with 18,000 participants, 150,000 spectators and 2,500 event staff, the organisers have already introduced digital instructions and registration forms in a bid to remove printed material and improve the event's sustainability.

Aside from banning single-use plastic at events, live venues across the UK are switching to green renewable energy. The Barbican Centre, based in the City of London, is the most recent event venue in the UK to switch to 100% renewable energy, winning the ‘Most Sustainable Venue' at the London Summer Events Show.

UKSV, an award-winning events and communications company who has worked with brands such as the AA and IBM, have also been looking at new ways to make each of their client's events more environmentally friendly. As more of their clients request sustainable events, UKSV is looking at more innovative ways of achieving this. Break out zones are being equipped with ‘energy seesaws' and ‘energy bikes' to help drive renewable energy at their client's events and recycling has become more of a prominent feature of each event.

Nick Dean, Senior Operations Manager at UKSV, said: "I'm really pleased to see high-profile events and prestigious venues taking a stand on single-use plastic and adopting renewable energy. The events industry has woken up to the problems of global warming, and if everyone in our industry pulled together to become more sustainable, we could all make a massive difference to an important issue."

This recent push for greener operations from Glastonbury Festival, Brighton Marathon, The Barbican Centre and UKSV highlight an industry-wide sustainability effort. From their efforts, more organisations in the events industry are now cutting down on plastic and using renewable energy across the entire globe.