Flowers Can Enhance Your Event

Flowers can make a big difference to your event. Alice Groom, Head of Client and Design Projects, of Lavender Green Flowers gives her tips and recommendations.

Over the last two years Lavender Green Flowers have seen their business evolve. It’s gone from predominately suppling weddings and hotels, to working more and more with event planners and conference organizers.  

Planners recognize that it’s not just about the venue, or good food and wine anymore – attendees want an experience, not necessarily an extravagant theme, but an event that will leave an imprint on their memories. Alice Groom sees floral arrangements making more of an impact on events these days, they’ve become more integral and complement the overall experience, even evoking good memories!  

For a successful event, Alice always recommends sitting down with suppliers to gage their thoughts and ideas. Remember the suppliers you are hiring are skilled professionals so don’t be afraid to put your trust in them.  At Lavender Green Flowers we work very closely with the client. A lot of clients will start off with a blank piece of paper and other than the event’s objective, they don’t really know what they want. This is where we help the client visualise a concept.  I have a very good team of talented and creative project managers behind me, so we are never hard pressed for inspiration and ideas.  

I will sit down with the client and brainstorm ideas, propose a theme and come up with a concept.  I’m very enthusiastic about my job and this is where my creative side really shines through. We love to set the bench high at Lavender Green Flowers and keep abreast with what’s in vogue and suggest the latest trends. Corporate events tend to call for a more contemporary feel, so we like to introduce more interior-design led ideas, for example; tall glass vases with thinner bases, cages, frameworks worked around food platters makes the table look stunning. And besides the latest trends and the statement they provide, more people are looking for a sustainable element - things that are natural fresh and seasonal.

We recently worked on a drinks reception at the Serpentine Gallery. The function took place on a summer’s day. The client wanted the “wow factor” and for this particular event had enlisted an architect to create a standalone structure that would serve as the event space. 

This meant we had to work very closely with the architect to make sure the floral displays would complement the key features; the meaning behind them and how best to work the flower element into the design, without overcrowding it. 

For example, to the back of the structure, a thin layer of water on the ground provided a fantastic platform for a number of contemporary displays. We placed pieces on the water using vases and mirror plinths. The displays gave the illusion that they were coming out of the water and with mirrors on the ceiling and a black and grey backdrop, this gave a reflective and tranquil feel. Plus with no spot lights on the arrangements, but just the natural light bouncing off the displays, it worked very well. It was a fabulous event to be part of and is a great example of how suppliers can work well together. 

Lavender Green Flowers has been going for 25 years, decorating the most wonderful weddings and events. Their corporate client list has grown by more than 100% in the past two years. They provide floral designs for the UK’s most iconic buildings and national landmarks on a weekly basis. Venues include the British Museum, Claridges, The Berkeley, The Connaught, Coworth Park, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, The Langham Hotel, The National Gallery, The Natural History Museum, Somerset House, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, The V&A, The Wallace Collection, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. They also create flowers on behalf of 60-100 discerning brides every year.