Nick du Bois new book: 'Confessions of a Recovering MP'

Former Tory MP Nick du Bois, who helped to found and chaired the All Party Group for Events, has unmasked some of the realities of being a Member of Parliament in a new book entitled ‘Confessions of a Recovering MP’.

The book, produced by Biteback Publishing, offers an insight into the life of an MP from the moment you walk for the first time through the doors of Parliament.  

“You are not a counsellor, a housing officer, benefits clerk, bank or trading standards officer, but you are often expected to provide a new home, sort out benefits, provide a loan or settle a dispute about a computer game bought for little Jimmy that doesn't work,” says Nick.

“Then, when as a new MP, you walk through the Members Lobby filled with a vision of how you will leave your mark on this place and this nation, what you are almost certainly unaware of is that your constituents, your government, the press and the very institution of the Palace of Westminster have other plans for you.”

Nick's book is available from Biteback Publishing for £12.99 (printed version) or £9.99 (e-version) at