EVENTS BLOG: Why Millennials Need Immersing

Tom Clark and Andy Cuthbert have founded ‘Revive at Studio 5’ and host the first immersive screening of an iconic gig at Troxy on September 7th

As young events professionals we’re aware that traditional or standard events just don’t cut it with the twenty-somethings of today. Those living in cities, in particular, are increasingly spoilt for events which promise to transport them to different worlds. And who can blame these millennials for being so discerning? 

This is the generation who grew up with standard cinema and saw it transform into the world of IMAX and then easily accessible 3D; the generation who embraced the rise in popularity of theatre that broke the fourth wall and invited audiences in; the generation who saw the meteoric rise in niche and increasingly immersive festival concepts; the generation who witnessed the beginnings and monumental rise of film-event concept Secret Cinema and the generation who are now seeing VR headsets become commonplace. With that, combined with the daily escapism enabled by simply accessing their phones, we as event professionals must continue to innovate to keep this generation (and those who follow) engaged in live events. As immersive specialists, we’re passionate about doing this because we see the value in ensuring this generation experience the same buzz of collective experience, that generations before them did. Finding opportunities for people to come together in real life and experience something collectively is what drives us. 

Our new event concept, which promises to bring iconic gigs back to life through actors, dancers, food, drink and incredible set design is one that we hope will speak to this demographic. Whilst only in 2016, The Rolling Stones ‘Havana Moon’ gig attracted more like half a million fans in Cuba’s capital and is a beacon for the importance of shared experience. As the first free outdoor concert in Havana, this gig signalled political and cultural change for Cuba and engendered hope and excitement amongst the people. 

We can only hope that our event, on September 7th at the brilliant East London venue, Troxy also engenders a sense of collective excitement amongst those who come. In the meantime, we’ll be continuing to consider ways to engage millennials in the world of live events. After all, we could all do with a bit of escapism from reality every now and again.