SLX lights UK Badminton

SLX recently supplied LED lighting at The Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships 2017, held at the Barclaycard International Arena, Birmingham.

The company supplied a multipurpose lighting solution entirely comprised of LED sources, satisfying the high demands of international competition standard conformity (specific light levels from Badminton world federation), slow motion "hawkeye" system and broadcast level requirements.

Reducing overall power consumption by 70%, the LED rig proved its green credentials on the five courts over the six days of competition. In all 108 fixtures were used including intelligent wash and profile fixtures and a range of high power floods.

Reduction of heat was another consideration making for a much friendlier playing environment, with air management systems barred from use due to the potential effects on gameplay.

SLX Lighting Designer Matt Mawdsley was said to be very impressed with the LED rig, achieving a uniform 1800 lux of high quality light across all the playing surfaces  which was well received by players and broadcasters alike.