How to host a corporate event in a marquee

Here Dan Gill, founder of the award winning catering and event management company Dine, outlines the key considerations for hosting a corporate event in a marquee.

In uncertain times where trust appears to have broken down across so many aspects of our society, face to face is still the best way to engender confidence. With networking and corporate events taking place daily, you need to do something memorable to attract the right guests and bolster client relations.

Marquees are the perfect solution to any corporate event that needs a unique attraction to encourage guest appearance. With so many choices of structure, interior design and catering, any corporate event held in a marquee will provide the perfect opportunity to create a unique event.

Be adventurous

Don’t stay with the tried and tested. If planned well, being innovative is often a fantastic way to enhance your company’s reputation and prove you possess creativity. An unexpected and unique party will be more likely to create an unforgettable event which both clients and colleagues remember as a resounding success.

Due to their flexibility, marquees are the perfect location for anyone looking to host a distinctive event. A marquee can be erected almost anywhere, whether it’s a lakeside venue, a city centre space or in a historic garden, and you can create an adventurous theme accordingly. The many different and interesting marquee options available also make it easy to create a themed location which will stand out from the host of corporate events held each year.

Plan to succeed

Once you have identified the right people to engage, remember that if you’re having a morning or afternoon event they won’t want to be away from the office for too long. It is important to share timings and location with your guests so that everyone turns up on time and knows where to go.

With such a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to a marquee event, experienced event caterers like Dine can help you to plan for every eventuality. Our skilled event planners can advise you on the best time to host your corporate event, where the most effective location might be, and how many people should be on the guest list to make the event a success.

Location, location, location

Location is arguably the most important decision in event organisation. A marquee is the perfect choice for a corporate event as you can locate it in a convenient and easily accessible location. This is important as your guests will receive invitations to a whole host of events and the more convenient the location, the more likely they are to attend.

You can choose to host your event somewhere that could be close to where your guests work or a stunning location that they would not usually have the opportunity to see. There are no details you can’t choose in a marquee, from location and theme to layout and catering.

Choosing an interesting and exciting venue which compliments the tone of your event is important to encourage decision makers through your door. The more unusual the venue, the more guests will want to attend and with the endless options available with a marquee, this is easily achievable.

Use the available space

Ask yourself what you want the event to achieve and then consider how the venue could help or hinder your ambitions. A marquee can provide a quick solution to the issues of convenience and space.

Dine and its sister company Shades will work with you to plan all aspects of your event and the location, including the layout and power requirements so you can optimise the space to the event you are planning. From the smart, clean lining of the marquee to evenly spaced guy ropes and discreetly located loos, marquees are the perfect solution to potential venue problems.

Choose the right team

This is extremely important when planning any event but especially one held in a marquee. Food and event experts who have experience in achieving results for businesses and marquee events are crucial for ensuring success. Hiring an event planner as experienced and successful as Dine is one of the most effective methods of ensuring that your guests will remember your event for all the right reasons.

But no matter how knowledgeable the event planner you choose, always ask for testimonials and review their previous events. These experts should be able to combine creative thinking and attention to detail to provide exceptional service and tangible results for your business.

Established in 1998, Dine caters for more than 100 corporate events each year as well as providing exclusive private dining. The company provides event services for organisations ranging from English Heritage and the National Trust to the owners of some of the UK’s most notable private houses.

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