Royal Cheshire County Show Sign Five-Year Supply Agreement

Wernick Events have signed a new five-year agreement with the Royal Cheshire County Show, an event which gained royal status this year and has a history spanning over 175 years.

Wernick Events have been supplying the show with on site accommodation since 2009. 

Among the facilities they provided last year were showers, offices and areas for doing minor food preparation; some units were used by the W.I. to add the finishing touches to their baking before being revealed to the public. “Wernick Events give us the best quality accommodation at the right price,” commented Nigel Evans, Executive Director of the show. “The service is incredible, they are attentive and professional.”

Seven toilet units were also provided.  “Wernick does a great job of easing the pain of providing these facilities. Compared to units we have used in the past, their products let us accommodate more people at once, and reducing queuing time for these facilities is an important part of making the show enjoyable,” Nigel added.

Brodie Shanks, Wernick Events Depot Manager, commented: “The Royal Cheshire County Show has always been a great client, and it’s fantastic that all the hard work they put in every year has been acknowledged with their new Royal status.”